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Thursday 16th April 2020
Wednesday 15th April 2020

Tomorrow we have an online test .Review the unit today. The test will be avialable only tomorrow , so don´t forget it. 

Most of you haven´t send me the review yet. Today is the last day . It represents one point of your final mark of this unit. 

Tuesday ,14th April 2020

Hello to everyone!

How was your easter?

I hope you were fine. 

We are finishing this unit and on Wednesday you are going to do an online test. So, you have to read and review at home all the unit. 

for today you are going to do the summary from page 93. I want it perfect. I only assess it if it doesn´t have mistakes. You are at home and you have access to dictionaries and books. It is only a matter of searching and finding information.

Please send me your exercises via class dojo. 

2nd April 2020
Actividades de refuerzo y repaso Semana Santa

Os dejo aquí las actividades de refuerzo y apoyo de Semana Santa. Os recuerdo a todos que los alumnos con la asignatura suspensa deberán mandarme estas actividades de forma obligatoria por class dojo o a mi mail . Para los demás alumnos será opcional. 

La idea es ir haciendo las tareas poco a poco y mandarlas poco a poco. 

Yo estaré disponible mañana durante la mañana para resolver dudas y también me volveré a conectar el miércoles 8 de Abril. 

31st March 2020

1. Because the gold is not a metallic object.

2. Look at my picture. 

Now read pages 88 and 89 and do exercise number 1 . 

30th March 2020
Corrected exercises: 

Page 87 exercise number 1 : 

1.-What does electrically neutral mean? 

An Object is electrically neutral when it has the same number of positive and negative charges. 

2.-Cables are usually made  of coper wire and wrapped in plastic . Why do you think they are made this way ? 

Because the copper is a conductor and allow the electrical charges to move from the generator to all parts of the circuit. The plastic is an insulator and prevent us to be hurt by electrical currents.

I leave you a simple  game about electrical circuits.

For today you have to copy this scheme and you have to read pages 88 and 89 of your book and then do exercise 1 and 2 from page 89.

27th March 2020

TOday you have to copy this scheme in your note books with the paintings of the electrical circuit diagrams of page 87. You have to read pages 86 and 87 and you must do  exercises 1 and 2 from page 87.


1.- The problem that all  means of transpor have is the friction . 

2.- Bicycle            Surface and air friction 

     Boat                  Water and air friction

     Car                    Surface and air friction.

     Plane                Air friction.

3.- Scientis replaced the wheels of a train with magnets. This magnets were faced down with the north pole. In the other hand they replaced the train tracks with magnets with the north magnetic pole facing up . The magnets of the train and the magnets of the traks repeled each other making the train float. 


4.- Surface friction is avoided.


5.- Maglev trains can be found in Corea , Japan or China. They can reach up to 600km/h . 


6.- The air friction. 


A : Heat

B: Chemical effects.

C: Movement

D: Light. 

Homework for today: 

To read page 84 and to do exercises of page 84 and 85 . 

Send me your exercises via Class dojo .

to copy this scheme:

20th March 2020
Leer y hacer esquema del último tema del librito en Español  de Naturales. 

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